Then, Now, Forever

Then, Now, and forever

When I first saw you it was like the sun only shown on you. We walked by each other and I turned around and went looking for you. I didn’t find you then but spotted you a few times thinking you were following me, then by God’s will I fell right into you.
We talked and talked for the rest of that day and when it was time to go I asked to stay. You took me home later that day, I introduced you to me family and a few nights later together we would lay.
I left to go serve in service of my country but in mind mind and heart you grew stronger than a red oak tree.
I did everything I could to just hear your voice. Then a while later I asked you to make a forever choice. I remember then my and the joy in your voice. Oh how I wish I could hear it again so I could rejoice.
Sometime later with you as my wife, I went to combat to fight to protect your life, and when I came back but not whole a piece cut away with a knife.
Then started our struggles but I always loved you, I could see you and me hurting but didn’t know what to do.
So I tried to push you away time and time again, but what I did to you not just once but many times was a sin.
I always came back in your arms held wide. Each time I hurt you a piece of me died. Then, with my heart hurt, my body broke but you stayed by my side. Helping and caring for me I felt I was not good enough for so I looked at you and lied.
I want a divorce I told you, I am done, you go be happy. So you left crying and hurt and I felt so very crappy.
So I started to pray and God made me whole and new but I want my wife and knew not what to do. Then began new hurts to both me and you. Here I am incomplete in a world without you.
You are trying to go your own way to do your own thing. I felt our love has been forgotten and there is not longer in my life your voice in my heart that sings.
Here I am now one half alone without flight, but with God I know I can and will win the fight. So let me say this just one last time, I love you no matter what then, now, and forever!
Cause true love never dies, we may have hit rock bottom but in the end we will soar on highs, for this is a cold hard truth it never lies.
Through the good and the bad and all we’ve had,
For richer or poorer, together more than anyone we will always have more,
In sickness and health, and in all the things we have felt,
To hold and to cherish, true love can never parish,
Till death do us part, we will be one forever in God’s heart.
Forever never ends, though the road we travel has many twists and bends,
Forever never dies, but’s there may be many how and why’s?
Forever we will be together, for we have have an unbreakable tether,
Forever in each other’s heart is a place where we will never part.
Nothing can stop our love, everything that happens will end with us in the heavens above.
For what God gives is never false my dove, and to us forever He gave true love!

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