There Ain’t No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws

Hard seltzers are like a car accident
both bodies of metal with an electric interior
the taste of speed and energy lifts my spirits.
As the cars and the cares start to crumble
a tense shock runs through my body
Amnesia hits with no remorse.
The Night started out simple
one mile by one mile to clear the mind
wind in the hair and buzz in the body.
As the car came to a stopping point
a side swiping motion literally
removed the body from the road. Pressure.

Everyone has an opinion
your accident was taboo
you created more problems for yourself.
As the car is examined
your father questions
did you learn your lesson?
The realization hits
you made some mistakes
but so did they.
As the car is towed away
so is the desire to drive
the desire to let go.

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