There are flowers beneath my skin

Tear into my skin
Dig deep like a thorn trying to escape from the roses stem
Make the inside of my thighs bleed
Like an over ripe Blood Orange
The nightmares of my flesh ooze
Thick as honey
Sweet and gritty like the first bite of a pear
The hibiscus flow of red tears fall down to my ankles
Tear into my thoughts as I clean the disaster with my own hands
I feel the sticky mess of melted sugar cane and apricot nectar
I want to taste it with my tongue
Tear into me as I tilt my head back and cry out like a pomegranate being cut in half
The rose petals fall to my feet
While I try to clean away the beautiful scent of my own veins
As they continue to bleed out every day of my life
With each breath I take
At the tip of the knife held by my own hands
Tear into the only thing that drips dreams like fresh fruit
Like flowers that bloom beneath my skin...

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