There is a reason

What is the point of all this
What is the point in emotion,
in smiling, in laughing,
in sobbing, in crying,
in joy, in pain,
in depression, in anger,
in disgust, in happiness,
in contentment.
It all just seems the same
What is the point in breathing,in listening,
in remembering, in outwardness, in inwardness,
in beliefs, in walking, in jumping, in running,
in washing,in eating. It all just seems pointless.
So much of the day it seems as Ahn puts it a lost cause yet…
Yet, I know it is not.
I know deep down in my gut,
Not just in my heart but in my deep gut.
From my head to my toes and every drop of blood in between that it is not.
I know there is a real and worthy point to all this.
I know there is a reason to suffer and die.
I know there is a reason to live.
I know there is a firm grasp to be had.
I know that I can be good and solid and dependable because of Him.
He is my rock.
I know that nothing changes in Him.
Everything around me will change.
Everything around me will fall.
Everything will disintegrate and slip between the cracks in our fingers as sand does when a child thinks he can hold it all in his power to build what he pleases not noticing the wave swooping behind him.
He never changes
Nevertheless I fall down into this deep pit that I think He can’t see into when He can not only see into but He is right there.
He is right there beside me.
He is with me.
He is right there.
He is holding me in His arms.
He is holding me to His chest and I can feel His heartbeat.
I can not only hear it I can feel it pulsing at the same moment mine does.
This does not stop at shallow sympathy but sinks its teeth into empathy.
I know He means every beat, every breath, every word, movement, and look.
I know He not only God, he is human.
I know he is not only human, he is God.
I know He is alive. He is alive.
And because of this because He is alive,
because He brings truth the darkness,
meaning to the meaningless,
restoration to the broken there is a reason for all.
He not only gives everything a reason but whispers that reason in our ear.
We yell and scream and pout and sob begging for answers
when He is just waiting for us to stop and listen so He can tell all.
We can not understand most in the moment but He tells us anyway.
He gives us all we need when is may seem like trash.
It is all right there for you just open your eyes and see it.
Be still, and know He is God.
Listen, and hear the answer.
Open your ears, heart, mind, and soul.
He is willing to love you. He already does just accept it.
He will never stop weather we pay attention or not because we all know that we need to.
He has never and will never need us but chose us anyway.
He knew how stubborn we would be and how dark and conceited He didn’t care.
He still made us unique and beautiful, talented, perfectly flawed humans.
Most of all He made a way out.
He gave us a choice and even when we chose the wrong one
He says “It’s okay. Come back, I still love you.”
He will keep doing this until the day only He knows
when those few that swallowed their pride will hear
“Well done, good and faithful servant. You were real.
You were born, you died. You planted, you uprooted.
You killed, you healed. You tore down, you built.
You wept, you laughed. You mourned, you danced.
You scattered stones, you gathered them. You embraced, you refrained.
You searched, you gave up. You kept, you threw away.
You tore, you mended. You kept silent, you spoke.
You hated, you loved. You fought, you kept the peace. Well done.”
This will be said along with the saddest words ever spoken
to the ones that never could tear down that wall
“Depart from me, I never knew you.
You were numb to everything in this world, and everything outside of it.
You never knew me, and I in turn, never knew you.”

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