There Is Always a Bad Apple

There is always a bad apple next to all the good ones
I have seen a talented child whose brother is a thief
I have seen mothers give their lives for their children,
while others put their babies in the trash
I have seen some dads go broke supporting their children,
while others leave them to starve
I have friends who lift me up but others try to degrade
There are White leaders who fought for Civil Rights,
while some support slavery
There are Black athletes who won gold medals for our country,
while some do not care
There are immigrants who brought talents to this nation,
while others brought drugs
There are good days in our life, while others are full of tears
There are days darkened with thick clouds,
while others are with full of sunshine
The bees sting us but they make honey too
The fire burns our house but it lights barbeque
We need water to live but water can produce death
As human being we all are born with a conscience
which makes us different from other life
I wish human beings could nurture only the good in themselves
Learn to make a better world by ignoring the selfish desires.

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