There Is No Easy Way

There is no easy path for us to take
No simple way to mend a heart that breaks
Life's twists and turns can push and pull
Leaving us feeling empty and full

We search for answers, a guiding light
But clarity evades us, out of sight
No easy road will lead us to peace
It takes time and effort to find release

The journey is long, with hurdles to face
But strength and courage will help us embrace
The challenges that come our way
And navigate through the darkest of days

So let us remember, there is no easy
But with determination, we can be free
To rise above and conquer our fears
And find solace in the journey through the years

For life is a battle, but we are strong
And with each step, we'll find where we belong
So let's press on, with faith and grace
And conquer the struggles that we face.

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