There Is No Forgetting 9/11/01

We stand firm in our beliefs
As our history has recorded.
We remain a brotherhood,
With our blood shed
From many years of wars.
From a tragedy,
We can see our colors shine through
With its vibrant red, white and blue.
Our flag keeps us together,
As the terrorists
Tried to destroy all.
But as a country, we are strengthened,
Standing proud and tall.
We will always have to strive
To let our freedom ring.
Let our love of America be heard
In our anthem that we sing.
They will try to divide us,
But we remain a brotherhood-
Standing united to all!

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This Poems Story

Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1978, Anthony was raised by his parents who entered America as immigrants from Italy. At a young age, he found himself writing poetry as a way to express his feelings to his family and friends. He never pursued publishing his work until a life-changing event on May 22, 2009. While working for a telecommunications company for eleven years, he was involved in a hit-and-run accident during a weekend getaway. His first book was a chapbook, entitled A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul; it was published in May 2010. Following that, he published his second book, After the Storm: That Refreshes the Soul," published in January 2012.