There Is Still Love There

I had two sisters, who knew not what tiny my heart could actually break.
Tears in between us tore me bitter with words cursing and yelling
Let these angels carry me too, to another grave

Where my soul could rest and mend into something better.
Callous words, fights and fists carried me far into an unending anger
Hidden within the bruises my heart still feels its pulse

Dying and slowly hiding in between rickety stairs.
Where I still climb and descend, saying my heart is still ok
There is still love there.

Bullied, taken away my closet open and things were strewn
taken away my heart still beat to carry these two.
Raina and Kyla fought until my ears were blue.
There is still love there.

No one would know til years later that I was abused by another
someone who said he was my teacher
there is still love there.

There is still mending, and these angels be
my God in heaven healing a broken heart
in pieces of three.
There is still love there.

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