There Was…

There was pleasure,
there was lust.
The amount of insecurity was more than enough,
She called his bluff.
"You are not whom you say you are."
Deceived by these demons, meaning people who be scheming.
My guard's up,
so good luck to those who try next,
'cause I'm up next!
God's got His hand on me, and he's got a plan for me.
Ahh Shucks, I messed up!
That's the sound of a mistake, a mishap, something we all have.
But my passion.
Okay, listen,
My life has evolved,
something I can't describe, but something in me thrives.
Situations arise like tides in the ocean.
Hold on Lord, I can't tolerate this!!
I'm willing to dismiss all faces, all cases, in whom can I trust?
But my passion...
I picture myself relaxing on beaches and writing president speeches..
What is my mission??!!
I'm bowing at your feet,
Lord help me!!!
My mission is this,
to tell my story and let the whole world know that I exist.

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