There Will Always Be A Rome

I have no fear of the dark,
in complete darkness is where i will rest.
So many wish to change their life's,
but can't get out of their nest.
The fight of religion has already taken place,
now we realize it's all about building a congress.
Youth speaks up in a world far away,
only to show the rest of the world they've progressed.
It's happened several places and things always change.
This world so full of many races,
from so many different places.
We neglect our children in growth,
who can mature to do things that amaze us.
Worlds leaders get the most of the loathe,
along with all of the fuzz.
So many people in suffering,
while we chill, yea we are surviving.
I guess this ship well be riding,
help for the others is us and we ain't arriving.
So we should just leave it alone,
it seems as its too far gone.
So when the darkness consumes you,
it might not be done.
Reincarnation you've been reborn,
its wat you get for leaving it alone.
Here you go,
the world will always be ruled by a Rome.

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