There Yet Never There

I always see him standing there
A strange figure that's never there
For some reason he only stands and stare
I call to him but it seem I speak to air
Has he escape the taker's care
Such a thought that raise the hair
Everytime I see him there
Go to him , I do not dare
Maybe my eyes are not clear
To see him there yet never there
The ground beneath him is not broke
The law of gravity his feet revokes
His presence grasp life with choke
and shiver bones like a startled poke
His cloths they teether as so his coat
Below his chin a neck tie rope
This can be no more then just a hoax
My mind itself is playing jokes
How can I trust what I see
When heaven and hell is blind to me
But when he's there I can not flee
I close my eyes and keep them be
When sight regain he's never there
My mind began to wonder again
will he appear
In these moment I'm question by fear
Why is he there yet never there

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