There’s a Place I Call My Own

I've been to a place where the grass is green and the trees are tall,
Where the sky is blue and the birds sing.
Where the angels dance and sing for joy.
The sky never turns grey and the clouds never come.
The sun is smiling and the storms are byeing.
When the angels sing the trees dance,
there are no fights, or shouts, just hugs and smiles.
It's a place I call my own,
It's a place where you can be whatever you like,
There's no one telling you you are wrong or teasing you.
It's a place called mine, it's a place called Terebithia,
or the in-between.
I come to that place when I'm sad, I come to that place when I'm mad,
or when I just need to be alone.
I just close my eyes and there I am. In my dream, there I stay.
The place I call my own.

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