There’s a Whole in My Bucket

There's a dent. I blew against a rock.
The handle broke, the rock made its mark.
It felt heavy. The dent has caused pressure.
I carry it as weight on my shoulders.
I experience pain, each movement is a struggle.
I feel empty. I need my handle fixed.
I am frustrated. This situation has to change.
I start crying, water on me like rain.
I am broken. I reach out to heal.
What is this that is happening right now?
I become fearful of what caused me harm.
I am unbalanced. I need some solid ground.
I feels heavy and became part of me.
The wind blows sweeping things in different directions.
I start rolling, my handle snapped in place.
I am carried one step at a time,
The little grasp of a hand holding me.
It feels warm, sunshine beating down on me.
I am lighter with hope and joy inside.
I am secure, together with other familiar members.
The golden glow of leaves that surround me,
Gives my despair ability to reach and heal.
From my tears, I am washed in love.
From the sunshine, I see the beauty everywhere.
In the clouds I find hope for change,
And in stillness, I can feel whole again.

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