“There’s No Good In Wrong”

There will be times
when many ways will appear to be sweet
But,to tred along their paths
now it's clear We must Be careful with Our feet.
We must Be vigilant in this society
the devil is after Oue souls to nab
He will be searching out any weak points
so it's no doubt He's keeping tabs.
everythang that We will do
there's no man that can predict
all bad deeds that are done
Our own souls will for sure convict.
let us take a trip back
yes,down ole memory lane
even the years far back
We were always called insane.
when the Lord moves
some of His ways will leave Us in awe
the Lord seeks all to obey
to the bad ones His ways will truly gnaw.
there's so many thangs He's done
to show us all His love
But, in return We push His truth
arrogantly to the ground with a shove.
many people will make to do right
into such a horrible task
there's no use in the plastic faces
for the Lord sees through all masks.
this world can never justify
Life by the laws of man
for when it gives up on Us
they want to throw Us in a trash can.
But,In the love Jah
We are patient and He keeps Us strong
this message goes out all peoples
There's No Good In Wrong! Amen

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