There’s No Such Thing As One

For every positive reaction there's a negative one
The earth and the wind, the stars and dark space
Your hands, your feet, your head and your ass
Your heart and your brain are 50/50 best at that
Your can't ever feel joy till you've been through the pain
You'll only love bright days when you've been through the rain
Male, female, the moon and the sun
Two sides to a coin, two roads to a place
Your actions have ripples, which in time will be shown
No matter what you're going through, you're never alone
Thoughts become words, words turn to actions
Actions make reality, and that affects all of us
For all the winners there are, an equal amount have lost
For every thing that you gain, there was an equal amount of cost
So when the days are cold, and a reason to live you have none
And your soul sinks so low, you take a hold of that gun
Remember, everyone is here for a reason, and yours is not done
And you're never alone, 'cause there's no such thing as one

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