There’s Times…

There's times when I don't feel right,
When all I want to do is fight,
When I stay up all these restless nights,
Where things could stop being dull and I'd start seeing the light.
There's times when all I want is the end,
When God has become my only friend.
When no matter what I do, I still pretend,
That all is well, just following with society's trend.
There's times when my mind begins to race,
When all I need is a place
Where I can find an escape-
Just vanish, runaway, liberate without a trace.
There's times when I don't want people to find me,
When I wear my emotions on my sleeve like it refines me.
When I realize that letting it out creates a peace of mind for me,
When every ounce of melancholy emotion is left behind me.
There's times when I'm embarrassed of what defines me-
When people's opinions have been assigned to me,
As if nothing I can do can change what's confined to me.
Like who I am has been something the world has designed for me.
Then there's times when it all makes sense,
When no worries or problems become too intense.
When I realize my motives are not a pretense.
When life has become a reality so graspable
That it has become plain common sense.

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