These Are Our Children

Our children no matter what
race, color, religion, or creed, are our living breed
humanly, & with abilities.
Our children do not have to be
high profiled, at risk, high-risk,
gang bangers, dope pushers, or users, nor scorned.
Our children are what we make of them,
teach them, tell them, reinforce to them,
swear by them, put fear in them, and mostly instill in them.
Without these morals our children may find
life's lessons can be tougher than they need to be.
Our children will make mistakes with
hopes that they can learn from them,
learn from history & his-story,
learn what is taught, & teach.
As our children teach, they can then see the benefits of not raising
high profile citizens, at risk citizens, high-risk citizens,
dope pushers on corners, or addicts falling over that are scorned.
Our children must be told why nicotine can kill them,
with hopes that they can continue to breathe.
Yet, it starts with practicing what we preach,
right down to sharing one's innermost secrets.
This is what we owe to our children.
May blessings be upon all who are raising children
in a world that is susceptible to flaws.

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