These Chemicals Called Joy

Sip by sip, I drown out the pain.
I wash out the past with every glass.
I lose myself in the present with every shot.
Every pill puts me in a dream.
the chemicals pull me out of my nightmare.
I inhale the joy, the false nostalgia.
I exhale the truth, the reality, the pain.
But these highs only last so long.
Too soon I can feel it all slip away.
I can feel my smile weaken, my frown strengthen.
I can feel myself return to my own mind; my own hell.
So I take another sip, I grab another glass,
I pour myself another shot.
Anything to bring me back to my world of joy.
When that doesn't work, I swallow another pill.
I snort another line,
I inhale a little more joy
And I exhale a little more pain.
Until finally it all slips away; I slip away.
I continue to get lost until I cannot be found.
Until I cannot be saved; until I cannot be stopped.
What's done is done; what's dead is dead.
What's gone is gone and soon to be forgotten.

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