These Days

"These days," my mom would say,
"the world is a very different place."
"When I was a little girl," she would say,
"I could walk outside at night and play
without my picture being on the news as missing the next day."
"These days," she would say,
"violence has become a new language,
a new way of communicating
and walking down the street is a sign to any
and everyone that you're for the taking."
"These days," she would say, "more people are getting aids than A's
and sex has become more of a game,
rather than it being a sensitive and emotional matter ,
its become a token, a social gain."

These days I wonder what I will tell my children.
Maybe I'll tell them how guns are played with for fun,
and sex is sent through text,
and drugs are given like hugs,
and lies are passed like pies.
I will tell them how wrong has become the new right,
but not really ,
only if you look through the glasses of the world
but if you change the lenses you will see once again,
wrong is still wrong and right is still right.
and there really is no day,
because even when the sun is shining bright the world is still dark.
These days," I will tell my children and shake my head, "These days."

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