They are,
The twittering twangs of leaking lips
Parroting incoherent sounds.
And the buzzing boo hemorrhaged,
From trotted tongues.
Silhouette choristers, humming hell’s hymnal,
The ceaseless sluice running
To fritter unassailable mien

They are the sniffing sleuth
Unearthing guesses by burrowing the air
Ever rolling eye lobs, peering into my flesh
To dictate inchoate wrong.
In this market-like compound of mixed multitude,
Human antenna are perpetually raised
Higher than CCTV mast
Poised to grab and break, biting news
That sow discord among men

Yes! These my neighbors are,
Heterogeneous faces bone
Against one another in
Ever internal mind war
Like entwined nuts in same shell

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