These Potent Roots Blossom

Just as a sprouting bud searches for an opening (in
the world) I only aspire to grow up and out
but I realize a grand difficulty in finding my way;
you push me to be in one group or another
in an attempt to stunt my growth;
I am assured I will never reach my full potential
I am allowed only to grow up or out, surely not both

I am of rich African soil
deep indigenous earth
abundant Turkish land
must I choose which petal of my person is most worthy
to dominate? Can I not grow up and out
to illuminate, to radiate, to emancipate?
I am urged to grant superiority,
supreme authority to merely a fraction of my being
which will bloom into the equivalence of self hate;
hate of every color and hue
other than the one I were to choose

Despite all coerced inhibition
I sow my seeds of omniscience
reaping the fruits of my multifaceted ancestry
never to abandon these potent roots
defying the unnatural laws of a caste society, I blossom
up and out

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