These Scars Of Mine

All my mistakes I would never replace.
It made me grow in so many ways.
I'll never forget all the hurt it caused.
It turned me into who I am today.
Living through the pain and struggle.
Never wanting to go back in time.
As the mistakes replay in my head.
No one can take these scars of mine.
Living life with all these memories.
All these bruises and scars I earned.
All these wrong ways made me who I am.
With every mistake that made me learn.
From the backaches to headaches.
From the broken hearts to broken spines.
From the broken fists to bleeding wrists.
No one can take these scars of mine.
I won't blame my mistakes on others.
And keep the pain deep down inside.
I will never ever change my mind.
Or try to cover these mistakes and hide.
It makes me stronger every single day.
Never to leave any of the hurt behind.
I breathe in the pain and feel it fade away.
No one can take these scars of mine.

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