What did they expect me to do? When they kept pushing me.
They think they have me. But, I'll always be free. Freer than thee.
They can take my thoughts and twist it into truth or dare.
But beware, kindness turns to anger. Shame turns into pride. They're causing me to snap. Cause, this is the fact. They pushed me way too far. Off the point of keeping reality into check, and not without cursing the ones whom started this bet.
They should have known by what my human nature could tell, that "touching"," tasting","smelling", "seeing", and "hearing" had all been corrupted and I for one, have had enough of it. Unknowingly playing the part of a self-sabotage mission inside of my mind. Hundreds are battling but yet looking in the mirror that hangs all I see is a one-on-one battle. Which leaves an imprinted rattle from deep deep within. The memory makes an unbearable turmoil and the scars left behind is a reminder of what lingers. they cannot take my heart. For the Loved one's are kept there. Those of whom that begin to look there, will see that no fear can be here. ,"Blessings" from our heavenly father also belong here. For they can torture me and others around me will see a very different part of me. For whom myself I did not want to see. Or maybe I have become blind by the silence. Yet knowing, that I have not the patience nor the silence. Being bullied and becoming bruised everyday. Over coming from the blinded. Boundary lines have been crossed. I broke myself. So let them know when I go. That my love was pure. Going to hell and back was endured. I don't know how I got here. I know that I do not want to stop to stare anywhere. I just want out of here. And now where are they?

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