They call me Joker…

Stuck I am, for there is no escape,
just this dark tunnel and no landscape.
Howdie! Howdie! is anyone there?
and if there was, would anyone care?
In light we reigned yet here we roam,
just crawl till the end to reach thy home.
But why are we put here, would anyone ask?
Did freedom and liberty appear a tough task?
Drowned in hypnosis these shadows stroll,
left behind are the lost and perilous souls.
These spirits halt and gaze gravely to scare,
delighted they grin to have found a lost hare.
Spread joy to all is what noble hearts will say,
but what if joy for some is to torment the prey.
Strived till the other end but there was no home.
It was rather a resemblance of that dark dome.
Avidly the adherents played contrast roles,
be wretched and act merry were their goals.
So I painted the face and drew a red smile.
Wandered through the madness as a juvenile.
Let there be disorder instead of order in chaos,
and then the rulers in aghast will stride across.
Burn! Just burn and let flames bring the lost light.
See a clown dancing in the ashes, oh! what a plight!
Rejoice, smile and clap, this time with genuine glee.
For this is a new world, where a clown is truly free.

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