They Call Me “Moses”

I was born on the land where we humans are property
and Negros. I watch our skin cook black from our head
to our toes.

Where we speak "Yes master,"
as they grab their whips and caster
tattoos of lashes creating a disaster,
from their bare hand because their power lacked
respect from a command.

Unfocused eyes, loud cries,
bruised wrists from rope ties.
Hurting hearts with helpless thoughts, we lie-
as if we are animals because the white man
has controlled our character. Cutting our feet and
trapped in hot boxes so we won't run as travelers,
as they try to create the Negro massacre.

But my soul shall be set free, and I shall rise above.
As I am one of out of my people to grant us freedom.
So come with me now through the underground railroad.
Just follow the north star in the sky,
do not look back, do not cry goodbye.

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