They Expect Me to Be Silent

They expect me to be silent after they have beatin' my ancestors.

They expect me to be silent when my 5th grade teacher tells me that
as a female in this economy.
I have two things against me: my skin tone and my name.

They expect me to be silent.
As I walk down the hall and people
make fun of me.
Because I don't act,
think,or look like they do.

Fix who you are.
My heart beats as loud as the world's loudest drum.
In front of the world's fiercest lion that can't be tamed.
May birds fly to heaven and tell my ancestors that I was not silent.

May they finally be proud of me
because I finally spoke my truth.
Don't listen to me this is anger
I have been holding.
How can I fix what was never broken.
I realized that silence is golden.

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