They Had A Dream

the greatest thing to be and some get very close
is no doubt to be free, impassable to most

the saddest thing is when parents die as they try
to save their loved children, all they hear is the cry

and some really make it but as they take a breath
people choose to throw fits, hey says the fate of death

parents watch in horror as people rip away
the child the walk was for, they will say they're okay

but in reality a cold cage holds the child
full of much misery, they have not at all smiled

even death seems friendly as they shiver in tin
they would die happily, the life is sucked from them

but the people in fact they love to see the pain
it's like a game of chess, watching moms cry in vain

to those people I say was it really worth it
to do this every day, the devil's advocate

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