They Have Come To The Fallen

The kill of the soul blinded in death no porch to stand on to rest.
Many for the pigs not of a cure no self-given then since worth forget about church the wicked tormented soul does with pride.
This choice or is it?
It does to abate sure French made noble men stay undertaken by six black shadows aged during the middle to replace.

This deaths in depth bleed to come truly a seed in disbelief.
The rage faced upon a page sour of the defeat left pleased sort to seek meaning in this forsaken place.
They are sown of the streets laced with evil zombies race are not.

They can cake under take sorrows are their growth won't become days of tomorrow.
It's hidden for one piece of toast bread in a buttery mess.
It's being them to show strength to the very end of life.
When all are these spirits are weak and can no longer continue to fight.

Well now to them not to show them true selves a type of nail.
Well it's given no light through the wall.
It is from the dark it brings different sights clear to the psyche.
Found it was twice more over again opinions building a bridge between others.

This infinite doom to have loved if it's even real hasn't been touched.
It's here to turn better change angle this could appear.
I want something away insane the frame of time travel to bring.
The reason of many seasons passed has changed.
I do travel in silence of the day with what to gain a circle with a name.

Those are souls of many that hate.
I'm sure to disgrace leaning on the souls cold add since the purpose told.
How about anything that has ever been wrote?
The pure not pure exist somewhere blanketed without fear for being alone.

This isn't it safe gone how long?
Maybe until gone this won't make end ready to belong.
It's because this is of today in of its own.

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This Poems Story

The dread spilled of souls that refuse to serve a god or gods or the god.