They Said

They said it would be easy
But it wasn't that case;
They said to just move on
But I couldn't forget his face.

How could I when he had angel eyes
That would light up when you said his name?
How could I when he had a flawless soul
That made me want to take the blame?
I wouldn't forget him--
He was the definition of perfect.
I couldn't forget him
Because when I heard his name my heart would resurrect.
Maybe it was hard because I loved him
Maybe it still is because I still do.
However, time has passed now
And we never actually said adieu.
We both kind of just drifted
But only apart from each other,
And I still have the memories of us
That won't happen again with another.

They said it would be easy
But my heart still yearns for his embrace;
They said to just move on
But my mind is still clouded with his face.

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This Poems Story

I'm a seventeen-year-old girl who's always focused on school. My life has been a rocky one that would be similar to a roller coaster. In the fifth grade, my parents divorced and my hope on the topic of love turned to despair. However, after pointless crushes, I fell in love. The boy that I loved vanished after a misunderstanding we had. It was then my heart literally shattered. I turned numb, broken and constantly exhausted, which is why people told me to move on. I couldn't though because even now I'm still in love with that boy.