They Say

I see nothing but darkness
No end the tunnel insight
No other options there is no life nor a right
I'm free to keep going I don't know what lies ahead
I'm afraid I'll just keep wanting you never to see the light again
I guess that's better than stopping at least that
and say I gave it a chance
I wonder if I had never seen the light,
Born in a world of darkness
When I miss the lighted skies,
The glow outside the window as it sea as it rise
Is away at glistened on the lake or
how through my eyes it's colors changed
Red, yellow, white, orange
I took it all for granted now I may never get the chance to see
The colors of happiness again
I guess it's true what people say
Pictures will last though memory fades away
If I could have one more chance to see the light of day
There's about 1 million things I would do,
I would say to ensure it never goes away
But now I must accept the dark
I must go about my way
Though I'm scared and feel alone
I have no where to stray
I'll stand up tall
Accept my faith
And pray somehow I find my way!

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