They Say

I met you as a Stranger
We were not friends at first
I didn't see the danger
I think that day was cursed

It started with a smile
A shared intrest or two
Then I fell by the mile
I fell hard for you

I didn't see you much
But was excited when I did
Upon my heart there was a touch
My emotions then collided

I started going to school with you
I saw your character more
I wanted to get closer, for
I was in love with you to the core

People say I'm crazy
To be in love with you
That my thoughts were hazy
I'd break my heart 'they knew'

You were much to old
To you i was a baby
I was much to bold
It wasn't even a maybe

My thoughts of your work weren't genuine
I didn't truly love your poems
I wasn't intrested in your 'Bible lines'
My thoughts, I should overthrow them

I'm only writing this poem for
You love to write them too
They try to discourage me more and more
They say I'm not being true

They think I'm a flirt for getting excited
Over things that make me happy
They think my time isn't being bidded
They think I'm overly sappy

They don't see the things you do
Are the things that I love most
They don't see their 'me' is a ghost

A thing that isn't true at all
It's imagined in their minds
They haven't seen my character raw
They know nothing of my kind

So though they discourage me
Though they batter and bruise
In the right time they'll see
To myself I've been true

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