They will never see the true us

Standing eye to eye but they treat
me like I'm lost in the commotion.
If it's not worldly it's no promotion.
I'll be lying if I didn't write with a
motive. Life changes when your name
is signed in cursive. Remanded, educated
myself ,ambidextrous now I can swing
Left handed. In and out the system now
watching what's going in and out my body
system. Citizen or victim.
Part of the particular or you try to improve
your curriculum. Values at times are
blindsided, misguided, at times resided.
Thoughts are smog, god is good he's got
me running through this fog. On bended
knees, I much oblige. It's understatement
saying this life is hard. Supposed to be
breathing the cycle; "I hate that I'm coming
to close to living like you". It's hard to
dwell self. At times how can I expect
respect when I haven't given it to self.
My ancestors will cry harshly if they see
what we see. Rosa Parks this couldn't be
Why you showed heart. Equality turned
to brutality; freedom rings.

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