Thin Blue Line

A thin blue line
Cuts through the middle
Of tragedy and loss;
They continuously strive
To find peace and harmony
Where despair often resides.

Red lights and blue lights
Flash in the dark
Scared cries and raised voices
Split through the night
Brings out the uniformed, the many un-thanked
Who venture out un-afraid into the dark.

Someone needs help, someone needs saving
Someone is battered, someone is bleeding
One has a gun and drugs in their pocket
A Mother, a Father, a child will mourn
For the senseless loss of a loved one
A son or a daughter, a brother in arms.

A hard life is chosen, a career of public service
Not for the faint of heart nor the undedicated
It’s not just a job when you put on your badge
But a promise to both serve and protect
To diligently pursue those who have wronged
To investigate and develop a prime suspect.

Those who stand on the thin blue line
And show up each shift ready to battle
Are often forgotten and taken for granted
Until help is needed and the call will go out
With sirens and lights, they rush to the scene
Their training pays off, beyond any doubt.

I pray there is always someone who will stand
With those victims and innocents
Who cry out in pain
And these heroes remain steadfast and true
To their communities and family’s
I salute the men and women in blue.

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This Poems Story

I have been a law enforcement dispatcher for over 12 years, so this subject is very close to my heart.