Thin Line Between Love and Lust

I am searching for a way out
Constantly clawing my way through the darkness out of the doubt
If I can free myself from you
I can be born anew
I must exorcise thoughts of you from my head
Put my cravings for you to bed
We are done, this much I know
Trying to communicate it to my heart, so it can finally let go
At one point I believed I was in love
Although now that is something that I am unsure of
One mustn't confuse love with lust
Separating the two is a must
I will never regret a single thing
Even if in the end it was just a fling
The worst part is feeling as if I've lost a friend
Never imagined we'd be deminished to strangers end the end
In no way should this be percieved as a diss
For there will always be something about you I will miss
For you I don't think there is nothing I wouldn't have done
Maybe that makes me the foolish one
Goes to show that even the smart girl can be fooled
And in this great love game I have definitely been schooled

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