Things Change

Things Change
By: Aries Matney

It’s been 3 months and a week since I've last seen you
I was shocked, you said you weren't coming back
I want to say something but i don’t know what to say yet
the season is changing, so am i
I’m scared that i might do something stupid, i don’t want you to think i still love you
I tell myself i’m over you but it seems like the more i try to forget you, the more i remember
Have you looked outside lately?
everything that used to be is gone
The same friends, the same feelings, the same US
my mind is full of fear, it weighs me down
But i’m tired of being afraid, tired of always holding back
today i’m admitting that i’m afraid
I’m not afraid of letting go, i’m afraid that you’re really gone
today i’m going to say Hi, I’m done regretting all the things i wish i would've said
If the spring can overcome the winter then i can overcome this
I’m done playing it safe, i’m done wondering ‘ What if? ’
Things change, the seasons, friendships, i am one of those things

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