things i see

All i see is diversity threw my eyes,
The things i need to succeed just stroll on by,
Obioviosly we choose our path to live our life,
Yet who's wrath must we surpass if the wrongs we like,
Out weight the rights that we pass around in light,
The day will come and judgements done on the deeds indeed,
dark turns so bright, That all decisions of the living and laided right in site,
things we hold, hot or cold material cant leave this life,
but we know and still we hold those thing way to tight,
Let i go before your soul forgets its role in life,
share a hug give some love,
never end with shyte any fight can be the fight that ends a life,
the thing i see, i cant beleive but i guess its life,
friend or foe still human though we got one life,
living life to the fullist is where ill be thats right,
every mission my intenions will be polite,
i hope i the day we see the worth in human life,
black or white,gay or straight,poor or rich but anyway,
I have a wish to see the way our future lifts and pave the way,
Our childrens gifts some throw away,
education slipps our graphs these days,
tempers get to carried away,
most dont kiss our love has strayed,
i see the rifted,
No need to say the things i see or often portrayed,
Love each other everyday in ever way i see this here.
the things i vision can become so clear

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the things i see some may agree others disagree thats ok with me