Things Left Unseen

Just as the breeze blows crisply through the air,
The eye is oblivious, yet, we know it's there,
Things left unseen to even the most watchful eye,
Some fighting secret battles and whispering silent cries,
Unseen wishes spoken on a starry night,
Hopeful words floating out of sight,
The melody of a heart singing love's tune,
The magic of the petal as a beautiful flower blooms,
Silent miracles unfolding with each new day,
Broken hearts as all hope slips away,
Things left unseen with their stories to be told,
Our mind playing memories until the day we grow old,
So much unseen but emotions felt with the heart,
Moments that inspire us, as well as, tear us apart,
Do we behold the beauty or dwell on our pain?
Sometimes the sunshine is clouded by the rain,
You are faced with a choice of what you choose to see,
I don't know about you but I choose to believe,
I'll believe in the blessings blind to my sight,
I'll be the one wishing on that starry night,
I'll believe in my dreams no matter the cost,
No longer a prisoner, broken, and lost;
I'll choose to open my heart to the beat of love's song,
I'll choose to let my faith inspire me to be strong,
I'll embrace the whispers of beauty unseen,
I'll let the world's mysteries speak to me

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