Things That Come And Go

Butterflies are only for the springtime.
You won't see butterflies out every day.
Butterflies can flutter in your stomach.
But my butterflies for you have gone away.
Sunny days are only on occasion.
Sunshine's only present for a while.
Sunny days can't be what you depend on.
They can't be the only things that make you smile.
Happiness is only for a moment.
You can't have happy days all the time.
Happiness is different for everyone.
Your happiness was not the same as mine.
Memories can sometimes be forgotten.
Memories are upsetting now and then.
My memories of us are not so heavy.
But I'll always remember you as my friend.
Love cannot move through you in a day.
Love is not a word to use for fun.
I told you love was not in my vocabulary.
Love does not exist in everyone.

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