things that stay the same.

By trina   

will it go away so suddenly?
will our happy moments with us crying of laughter turn our memories into a polaroid?
the flimsy plastic representing the joy we felt.
the colourless overlay representing the smile on our youthful faces.
each deepened crinkle, each black border, telling a story.
that will be shoved into our way too messy desk drawers, put right between old school assignments and angsty unsent letter.
the day just an increment in our life--that we will forget.
my stomach will not pain me from never ending laughter, we added onto the joke, each extra layer bringing, truthfully, unneeded chuckles.
my eyes will not crinkle, tears streaming out of each eye. we will never be that close.
i won’t smell your fruity shampoo and you won’t compliment my outfit.
we’ll never spend long nights talking meaninglessly.
we’ll never ‘cook’ inedible garbage together.
we’ll never start that book club we wanted to.
we’ll never gush about cheesy mediocre pop songs.
we’ll move on.
you’ll walk home alone and i’ll stare out the bus window.
the breeze moving my hair and your step matching the beat of the song.
i’ll see you smile and cry with a replacement.
i’ll watch from the background, how things never stay the same.
the closeness will turn to a distance.
the laughter will turn into tears,
and my everything will turn to nothing.

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