Things were not easy

Things were not easy because of the games being played around
That melancholic face haunted me even more than the weirdest dream i have seen
Got myself drunk with the absolute fragrances of insecurity and merciless nights
Desperate glimpses of sadess failed to convey what they were trying to mean!

Poor hours could have said my restless pulses "dream big!"
A magnetic charm could have wrapped around to make me feel worthy
I could sense a tired, beating heart because they were not still feeling sleepy
I looked like as if somebody has just sucked the soul out of me

Happiness got crumbled down awfully as I had been abandoned for a decade
And eventually squeezed myself in the shell of unknown shattered silence
Dreams kept burying itself because they hardly knew where to head
Broken words started piercing faith relentlessly beyond my tolerance

Heart aches became unfazed the more I tried to get out of it
Thoughts became incoherent with every grimace of pain slowly
Still Depression never faded , crying for help left unnoticed
Love hope care stopped bothering me since my heart was shrinking gradually

That's when I decided to put an end to all the miseries by myself
I needed help but it seemed they didn't care for long
Kept awake till the profound silence engulfs deep darkness
I wondered whether I would really end up there, where they belong…..

Someone came into my life none but an old friend of mine
Caressed, hugged things of which I was completely deprived
She helped me in her every way possible and made me smile
I could feel again my rejuvenated veins running ,stumbling , fresh and wild

I saw a defeat of depression
I know a heart wrenched story
I know suicide is not a solution
That I know how we can fight with glory.


By Dr Polarica Palit

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