Have you ever noticed
How the things we wish for,
The things we want,
The things that we desperately need
Aren't things that can be bought?
They are things we earn through our kindness to other people.

People need love.
People need trust.
People cannot live without these essential things.
They are needs, not just wants.
They assist us in our resolve we call the human existence.
Even if you don't allow yourself to love for one reason or another,
People love you.
Even when you feel that you can't trust,
Someone would trust you with their life.
You may not believe this, but life is very strange.
Life is glorious and magnificent.
It just happens to us in the most mysterious ways.

Love and trust are the things that make people do the improbable,
And make people attempt the impossible.
Love is a mountain. You have to reach the top to see the true beauty.
It isn't shown through pictures and poetry, but through the heart.
People climb for what they need,
And this is what makes life beautiful.

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