Think about this… Think about that….
So many things to think about
Teachers cram so many facts in our head that we don't end our thinking
until bed!
But even then we don't stop!
The things we learn are in our dreams!
So many things I think my ears are going to bleed!
Numbers, words, symbols, and sentences.
when I close my eyes I see words on my eyelids!
It makes no sense anymore!
I wish I could close the door to my brain,
pretend that I didn't hear teacher shout my name.
Could you “Imagine that”?
I could
It would be so Marvelous
But then we wouldn't learn
Then we wouldn't understand anything in our universe!
Our friends wouldn't be our friends if we didn't meet at school
There wouldn't be such a thing as being cool
We would sit at home playing games on our Iphones
And guessing what's going to happen next on The Hunger Games
Not giving a care about what happened in the past because…
we didn't learn about them
We would never know what the Holocaust was,
and we would never understand why we shouldn't do drugs
I guess not thinking wouldn't be so great,
good thing it’s not too late to start

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