What happened here,I act like I don't know;
I was there,you were there,we were there.
The bruises of words don't hurt me anymore;
I didn't do it to you,but to him.

Ever herd of karma?
Every action comes with a consequence,
Bad or good.

You think you have me figured out,
You think I don't care,
You know I have secrets, but you don't know I won't be there.

I sat down on the concrete;
Why am I here,
why do I come back to the most painful places?

It's the mind itself;
We think we are fine,
We think we are left behind,
Sometimes we remember but we just don't know that we did.

Right now I'm thinking about what happened here;
I'm thinking about tomorrow,
It's a new day,
But you are still thinking about what happened yesterday.

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