Think About It

Here's a throwback I want you to explain.
Explain to me the change in society.
Back when communities raised children and kids played outside.
Now kids are called to duty inside playing black ops.
When the community is getting shot up. Monkey see what monkey do.
Guerrilla street warfare and selling drugs is what kids learn.
When all they needed was family, a hug and a I'm proud of you.
Where is the better change in education.
When we can't even afford it.
Saying we need the arts and science.
But you cut teachers and funding.
Teachers saying "Your the best".
Some kids don't even know that it's "You're the best".
Pardon my manners but some teachers can't teach.
They preach what the administration wants. No grammar.
Go to college get a 65 on paper,
for what your school didn't prepare you for.
I'm mainly speaking truth. I'm not a politician.
I'm not saying things for likes or for votes.
I'm speaking from my mind and my heart.
It just so happens I turn it into art.
People say don't throw stones at a glass house.
I'm smart enough to throw a stone at a glass house,
when that person owns two more glass houses.
Think about it.

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