Think Before You Speak

That little kid in the hallway that you're always talking about
He's tired of getting pushed around and is looking for a way out

You sit there joking about him and he doesn't know why
And while you're sleeping at night, all he does is cry

He's verbally abused at home, but school is even worse
So bad that if you ask him what's wrong, he can't even converse

Why does this always happen, why is it always me
He's had about all he can take and he wants to be set free

Sitting in his usual spot out there in the hall
Thinking about what he's going to do in that bathroom stall

Downing those pills at such a quick rate
By the time someone found him, it was already too late

The word spread so quick and the damage was already done
Everything that those guys said to him had finally won

You never know when a person has reached their emotional peak
So before you open your mouth, think before you speak.

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