Think of You

I think of you all the time
I think about being in your arms
You holding me tight

Reassuring me, we will be alright

I think about long talks at night
While our legs are entwined
Your hand in mine

Engrossed in each others minds

I think about you needing me
And me needing you
Like our last breath

I miss something I never had
Something I could never have

Looking back I was foolish
To ever think we

Would ever amount to anything
Other than our troubled past

Our insecurities
Or our inability to let go


Just aren't meant to be

I wish we could go back
To a time before our pains
To a time before the world
Got a hold of us

Maybe then we could be
Really cool friends, lovers

Maybe if we were then
Who we are now

It would have been forever ever

But you have your shit
And I definitely have mine

I think about you though
All the time

More than I should
More than I want too

Those thoughts always lead back to . . . Your hand in mine

© Robin. J 11/2017

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This Poems Story

This poem is about that love that you long for, but for whatever reasons it is not meant to be.