Think On It

The possibilities are just as real,
As physically tangible as the actual
State of staidly statements, sound sentiment
Fluid motion of restless, unbowed size,
Though, stagnant on manifestation,
Unchanging, arrested development,
Shrinking, it evolves in finality.

Before conception, before taxonomy
All thrive; each feeds off the slight touch,
The in-perceivably minute graze
An iota feels just before inception,
Unchecked potential, boundless creation.
All thrive before the tainted solution,
A vacant penetration in the moment.

Diluted versions of the promulgated
Façades, decibels lowly estimated
Still life's, suspended anamorphosis,
Perpetuate the inherited perspective.
Ignorantly connecting precursory
Stimuli, as heedless as neurosis,
A silent play in progress, obstruction.

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