Thinking Hat

Thinking hat
Thinking hat on ,Too many men talk
I'll take some time out ,In my mind and think on that
Did you miss the line? ,I'll run it back
Still and patient ,Patient waiting with time
The things I contemplate in my mind ,Through spiritual meditation
Will come to manifest ,On the physical plane
Connecting to the rock of ages ,Enlighten even in dark terrain
Connecting to the rock of ages ,Talk of old times from
Old friends but now we aren't acquainted ,I was down in the valley
Due to nights in the park ,Or parked up in alleys
Memories of times when I didn't edify ,Don't make me happy
Connecting to the rock of ages
For inner peace is not found in the streets ,No witness to this
Some things are better left not seen ,Like corruption in the air
Might catch a whiff as you walk past the street
How did the exchange of button bags become an industry?

Strength to resist and swim around sharks
See light even when its dark
But those wolves in sheep's clothing
No longer winning called for a blind bluff
Too eager to wait to see the cards unfolding And now your folding
But I came to walk to narrow path ,For the wide one never flows in
Connecting to the rock of ages
Seems the thin between love and hate,As gotten even thinner lately
Got lost in the sauce ,Now im back to the source

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