Thinking of You, My Departed

I had a dream of you and saw your ghost,
who told me to open your closet and go through a particular box.
The first thing I saw was a photo of your hamster that died;
It used to sit on your shoulder when you read the paper,
It would sh*t in your hand, a really true friend.
I miss your smell, and the way you made tea,
and how you always found a way to make fun of me.
I'll tell you what ghost,
let's make a deal-because I'm not sure if I'm crazy,
or if seeing you is real.
If I die any time soon, let's go to Las Vegas and sing to the moon.
Let's ride the clouds to Los Angeles and laugh at the stars,
let's steal celebrities' cats and fart in their cars.
I have to admit, it's nice and quiet
now that you're no longer alive.
There's no one who snaps at me or makes me feel sad;
I don't really feel lonely, so I'm really glad.
The fights we'd have over nothing are done,
and the funny thing is, I know I always won.
So continue to haunt me, now that you know the truth-
and when I die, I'll see you
and you can kick me through the roof.
But until that day, really, leave me alone,
Because I'm trying to move on
And find peace in this home.
Do what you will, say what you'll say;
And for your memory I'll continue to pray.
But if your ghost crosses me and prevents me from living my life-
I'll never regret killing you
with that kitchen knife.

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