Thinking Out Loud

I know it might sound strange, some may even say a
little deranged. How could she have anything to say,
how could she dare to speak what she may. I tell you
now I tell you all, I walk in this world I see the pain
of those who fall. I go in stores and see the
magazines that rest, I see the programming on
my television set. It's sad yet true how they obscure
our view, they choose to show a one sided hue.
It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes,
why o why wont they stop telling lies. I want to
stand on the highest mountain tops and scream,
this world is better with all of its children seen.
It shouldn't matter what culture you come from,
we should treasure them all and learn to become.
Smarter wiser stronger happier, has one way of
thinking not made us crappier. I know who I am I know
where I come from I know how I was raised, I hated
it and questioned their hatred and their ways.
I know I know some will say I have no right, some
will say she is just privileged yet inspite. I will
stand here I will stand up tall, and scream for
love peace and equality for all.

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